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Arche — Made in France, latex soles, nubuck and fine leather uppers … lightweight and soft. Arche shoes come to life on your feet, understated and absurdly comfortable. 


Trippen –  , Avant guarde German brand, very distinctive and ingeniously engineered to give maximum comfort and durability 


Angulus –  A Danish  brand famous  for their quality and style, we are the first to stock their adult shoes in the UK.


Men’s — Currently shoes by Candice Cooper, Trippen and Angulus


Candice Cooper – All leather, Italian hand finished sneakers, incorporating a very low hidden wedge, soft and comfortable, great for most foot shapes


Ten Points  — Casual and soft, hand made with natural products this Swedish brand have a very special look and feel

Shoe Colours —  Shoe Colours are a family of traditional shoe makers with their own unique and distinctive style

Lilimill — This Italian brand make casual shoes with a light soft contemporary feel.

Socks — Antipast from Japan, works of art for your feet and Bon Maison, fun from France